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Solar energy program seeks to overcome the obstacles to the growing development of climate-friendly energy technologies and contribute to the long-term sustainable development of the energy system.

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All About Powered Portable Solar

All about Powered portable Solar

The energy sector develops every day. This is in terms of technology and marketplace. People are focusing on clean energy. Traditional forms of energy attracted a lot of critics ranging from spoiling the environment and being inflexible for a person to move around with the source of energy. Recently, powered portable solar devices were launched into the market. There are numerous high tech Company focused on providing clean and environment friendly products. Here are a few reasons as to why powered portable solar devices have a massive following in the market:

  • As the name suggests, these devices are portable. You no longer have to be in darkness because you don’t have power. These devices can be moved from one place to another with a lot of ease.
  • Powered portable solar gadgets use solar to convert energy into electricity .This excludes users from toxic gases. Furthermore, environmentalists are advocating the use of environment friendly energy.
  • It is portable. Portability of power device has recently been developed. Initially, people cut short some trips because they couldn’t get connected to power. The power portable solar gadgets have changed all this. People can easily access power while on the move. These gadgets are easily portable from one location to another.
  • The powered portable solar gadgets have different power. Therefore, people can easily find the solar gadget that meets their needs.

Things to consider when purchasing a powered portable solar generator

The market is broad in terms of products. There are numerous high tech Companies producing portable solar gadgets. It is prudent to efficiently check out these Companies and highlight Companies with a reputation of manufacturing high quality portable solar products. This is the reason gadgets have a different life span.  Secondly, a person must identify his needs. This in terms of how he intends on using the powered portable solar gadget. Some people have devices that use a lot of energy to charge. The portable solar devices vary in terms of strength. It is crucial that a person steps into the market to check out devices that fulfill his needs.

We all have different financial capability, isn’t it? Our financial capability influences the devices we can purchase. Therefore, a person must identify gadgets within his financial reach before making any purchase. There is always something for everyone in the market. Powered portable solar gadgets vary in prices because of the materials used in developing the solar charger, features and the manufacturers. Some manufacturers pose high prices on their devices.


How does a solar charger function?

This is among the commonly asked questions as far as solar energy is concerned. A Solar charger or gadget converts sunlight into electricity during the day. Therefore a solar charger is likely to attain a high charger if the daylight is longer. A fully charged device can provide service up to 24 hours, depending on how you are using the device. Don’t stay in darkness because you don’t have light. Purchase a powered portable solar device and have a splendid time.

Solar Energy

The supply of power in Mexico depends on more than 90% of fossil fuels. With the recently approved energy reform and the Energy Transition Law (LTE), a substantial basis has been created to increase the contribution of renewable energies (RE) to energy supply. Also, within the framework of international negotiations on climate protection, Mexico has set ambitious targets to develop clean energy. However, due to different causes, the enormous potential of solar energy is hardly used. To date, there is no specific promotion program.  National financial institutions have little experience in evaluating and financing large solar projects, and collaboration between the private sector, science, and state agencies are not sufficiently developed to encourage investment in innovative technologies. Also, the different actors do not have the necessary mechanisms for a concerted procedure that stimulates the market of solar energy technologies.


The technological, financial and organizational conditions for the large-scale use of solar energy in the production of energy have been improved. The method of photovoltaic solar power plants has increased for the power supply of the electric network and new applications of solar thermal energy – such as the use of solar thermal energy in industrial processes and solar cooling.


GIZ supports Mexico, on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany, in the implementation of the program. This is promoted by the German Initiative for Technologies for Climate Protection (Deutsche Klimatechnologieinitiative, DKTI) and has the following thematic priority areas:

Market Introduction And Transfer Of Innovative Systems Technologies

The program supports critical players in the private and public sectors and in science to promote the opening of industrial-scale solar energy technologies into the market. To increase demand, large energy consumers, such as industry, small and medium-sized enterprises and public institutions, are fully informed about the possibilities of use in the technical and commercial spheres, economic viability, incentive systems, and financing, as well as reference projects.

To achieve the objectives to transform the energy system respectfully with the climate, it is necessary to qualitatively and quantitatively expand the supply of industrial-scale solar energy systems.

  Harmonize The Development Of Solar Energy

The program supports the platforms of actors in politics, science and economics, such as the Consultative Council for the Energy Transition of SENER and the Solar Energy Network of the National Council of Science and Technology. Strengthens its capacities for the development of policies, the formulation of strategies and the implementation of programs. GIZ advises SENER and CONACyT regarding policy and technology and innovation instruments: development of roadmaps, the establishment of clusters and establishment of science and economy networks. The opening of the energy market and the recent tenders for clean energy has generated a new dynamic in the development of solar energy in Mexico.